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About the Stones


For many centuries, gemstones have fascinated man for their beauty and value, but besides being objects of lust, gemstones are also natural sources of power, much more powerful than beauty itself. The stones act as storage facilities and capture natural energy. They act through activating and regulating the vibration chakras and heal various problems of the physical and emotional body, strengthen the mind, amplify your thoughts, expand awareness, balance the energy field around you, and serve to assist in the process of meditation.

The choice of a stone can happen consciously or unconsciously. This is the case when we find a stone and are enchanted by it, and so chose to, or better, so are chosen by it. There is a phrase which I find very interesting and true: “you do not choose a stone, the stone chooses you.” When you look at a stone, be it in any way (jewelry, rough stone, polished, or in different formats) and you like that rock of truth, you can not take your eye off that rock, even when looking at several others, but come back and look at it again, it’s because your energy came into direct contact with the energy of that stone, so if that happens, choose this stone without thinking because it benefits you.

However, before we use a stone it’s important that you proceed with some care. It is important that they are always clean and reenergized. To do this simply place the stone in water and salt for a few hours, or wash them in running water. Then they should be placed in the ground to receive the light of the sun and moon for a few hours and you’ll be ready to use them.

Stone is one of the divine powers. It represents the earth, the energy coming from the earth, and all that is real. To not use the energy of the stones would really be a waste, after all, the stones are energy working for themselves. Stones are natural sources of energy healing, which can be captured and projected onto us or the environment we are in. They have energy sources that never run out, and so we need to know how to use them correctly.