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Customized Pendants

I make gorgeous handmade stone pendants, no two are ever alike. I choose the stones one by one looking for the best designs and shapes. And when not buying finished stones I also take rough rock and cut it into slabs and then cut out the design shape and polish the stones.

If you are looking for a particular type of stone, ask me. I also do custom wrapping with your stones. I also can cut and polish stones for you to make your own jewelry.

My style and technique are very unique. Instead of wrapping a precious stone with miles of silver or gold, I start with around Silver or Gold wire and “grab” the stone so it is accentuated and not a pile of wire to take away from the stone. It’s really simple looking, however, the wrap is quite technical to do.

(If you want something wrapped in gold you have to order the wire from me in advance before I wrap your stone.)

My style is simple and elegant and it can be worn by both men and women. I ensure that I only use real stones, therefore, each stone and silver wrap is a unique piece of artwork. They are all unique and handmade by me. It is made with tender, love, and care. If you want anything else, let me know.

Here's a video of how I make my pendants: